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DIY ReKeying
IC (Interchangeable Core) Systems
IC (Interchangeable Core) Lock Systems offer the convenience of rekeying without removal / disassembly of the lock, making it ideal for do it yourself purposes when the quick change of locks are required. This can be done by you, immediately, when security is breached, 24 Hours - 7 Days a week.
After initial installation, the only expense will be Rekeying previously used cores, and new keys. You may choose to drop off or mail Cores for Rekeying.
To Remove Old / Reinstall New Cores:
Insert control key into Core to be changed
Turn control key  15  to the right
Remove Core to be changed
Insert control key into new Core (in hand)
Turn control key 15  to right
Insert new cylinder
Turn control key 15  to left
Remove control key
Core has been rekeyed
All keys are stamped with your unique System number, Individual key series, & Key number. Therefore, they can be assigned. Your unique System record keeping is maintained at no cost to you. Need extra cores, key? No problem, just call. We ship most phone orders the same / next working day.
This system can be used on:
Exit devices
Almost every locking device made